Good day to you all.

We announce the beginning of a new action which will be prolonged with 1st June to 1st September! And all because, we want to increase our wide range of friends and clients. In this regard, we offer all new clients a discount of 20%.

Conditions: The discount extends only to those who carry the order out from us in first time. We are looking forward to seeing you!

And do not forget to use our APP.

In ordering through the mobile application you will get the discount from 5 to 10%.

Always there are interesting offers, actions, quizzes, competitions, discounts and bonuses. Join us!


You can address by phone or send the wishes to email on all questions and offers. It is also possible to use a feedback form. If you used services of our service, you can express the opinion on quality of our work. If you didn't accept quality of our servicing - surely report us!

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