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Know the cost of travel. 5-10 % discount via online ordering taxi.

Discount 5-10%

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Discounts of 5 - 10% for orders through the mobile application

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About us

JV «Perevozchik» - one of the leading services of the order of the taxi in Tashkent through a mobile application, the website or the operator.

Taxi in Tashkent

Thanks to use of the most innovative technologies we offer high-quality service at competitive prices, and various methods of the order of the taxi (the application, dispatching office, the website) make our service by the most convenient for clients. From the first days of work of the taxi «Perevozchik» follows the stronger disciplines. The most important of them — HONESTY. Around this principle the company creates the best conditions for clients and drivers, guaranteeing the fair prices, accomplishment of all undertaken liabilities and following of rules of conducting transparent business. JJV «Perevozchik» is on the roll and works for advancing. We represent the following stage in development the taxi and new level of services in the international standards. All business strategy is built within the idea of the platform of a brand – "the taxi of the city of Tashkent" which is also supported with benefits of service and external branding of machines. We share with subscribers about shares, bonuses, discounts on the page of Facebook


Our advantages

Professional drivers

Drivers of JV «Perevozchik» have accident-free years of long record driving service over 4 years, take the training course including rules of servicing of passengers. In case of the slightest violation of quality and the service level, the guilty driver automatically is disconnected from system.


Specialized department of the company which accepts addresses with feedbacks from passengers and provide qualified assistance on any subject as soon as possible.


The fastest way to have a car at your doorway even at times of bad traffic conditions in the city and the adjoining territories - in only 7-10 minutes.

Big Vehicle Fleet! From domestic car industry to foreign and luxury.

Our vehicle fleet consist of such models of cars as: Damas, Nexia, Cobalt, Lacetti, Malibu, Captiva, Epica, Mercedes Benz, Crysler, Toyota and Range Rover